Dec 19, 2009

Baby Wearing Baju Melayu/Baju Kurung Contest

A) For ALL Bloggers
(5 steps)

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4. Write a post on your blog linking to this contest- "Baby wearing Baju Melayu/Baju Kurung Contest". Please include your kid's photo, name,age with your fullname, mailing address, contact number and email.

5. Then come back here and leave your message in my shoutbox or comment box.

Nama:- Izz Damia Aleesya bt. Mohd Syriz
Umur :- 4 tahun
Nama Ibu:- Nor Zaila bt. Mohd Ruddin
Email :-


nn said...

suda macam model daa. huhu

Widurisha said...

thanks masuk contest.
syarat tak cukup lagi ni.
kema subscribe mailing list yer.

mama_izz said...

saya dah subscibe mailing list dah.. tq